Past Events

To give you examples of what types of events we have done in the past, we have created this page.

Moab Pride Retreat

UMeN rents a house with a hot tub during Moab Pride weekend, does some short naked hikes and skinny-dips at a stream near petroglyphs

Game Night in Pleasant Grove

Members host game nights

Hot August Naked Pot Luck

Members bring a favorite dish and share the day together.

Naked Memorial Day Park City Retreat

We rented a large cabin close to Park City. We cooked and ate and drank and sang karaoke and watched movies and played pool. We also went to the theatre, but we had to wear clothes for that part..

Naked Mardi Gras Party with an Undi Mardi Option

Masks, beads, baubles, games

12-2pm Undi Mardi Decoration Party
...For those who are a bit shy about the whole nudity thing, the first two hours of the event are Undi Mardi.

Naked Bus to Wendover

Matron of Mayhem driver and bingo host. Yes, the prettiest penis contest will happen again.

Ugly Tie Holiday event

Find an ugly tie (from your closet, Our Store - Your Thrift Alternative, the D.I. or off a transient) and wear it — and only it — proudly to our holiday party.

Post-Thanksgiving leftover brunch

Post-Thanksgiving leftover brunch — Bring your Thanksgiving leftovers, but make them brunch-ish somehow.

Bare Beasts Ball

Dress up as any kind of animal, except make sure it it nudist-worthy! Prizes given for the most creative costumes, to the tune of $150. (Costume not required.)

Masquerade Ball Murder Mystery

Please bring a mask to wear for the first hour of the evening. Black tie welcome. Other clothing is not. A contest for the best masks will be held the final hour of the event. A prize for the first to correctly determine the murderer will also be awarded.