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New all-male clothing optional sailing trips

Tom, from Everything To See, wants to introduce the group to their clothing-optional travel operator company. “We’re a recently launched niche travel operator, specializing in clothing-optional relaxed sailing trips for guys. Our boat — an all-wood traditional vessel — sails amongst islands in the calm Flores Sea (45 minutes from Bali, Indonesia). Exotic experiences include swimming in a magical s...

Male naturists from around the world celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

Men uploaded photos of themselves enjoying the sun while gardening last Saturday for World Naked Gardening Day. Here are some of the best shots we saw:

World Naked Gardening Day Saturday

Remember we have a World Naked Gardening Day event planned!From the official World Naked Gardening Day website: Get ready for the Annual World Naked Gardening Day! People across the globe are encouraged, on the first Saturday of May, to tend their portion of the world's garden unclothed as nature intended. Gardening has a timeless quality, and anyone can do it: young and old, singles or group...

Naked Jeremy Ranch Retreat

This post is viewable only by registered members of the Utah Male Naturists site. We had a great time up at Summit Park in a 5,000 square-foot house on the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course. There were patches of warm weather, plus we had the hot tub and the fire pit to keep warm outdoors. And sometimes, the famous royal purple robes. Inside we did a TON of cooking and eating (and cleaning), card and board...

A word of warning about plastic outdoor chairs for male nudists

Oh. My. God. I ran across this and found it hilarious until I started researching it, and this happens more often than I want to know! NEVER sit on one of those cheap plastic chairs naked without something between you and the chair!! I'll have nightmares tonight. More stories:

Tomas the Vegan becomes a part-time nudist

A young man named Tomas does a video blog about things he is trying in his life. He is a recent vegan, has tried going commando for 3 months, did a 30-day "no-fap" challenge, and is now enjoying being a part-time nudist. Hear his reasons here:

Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun get naked at a Korean spa

I truly thought we had posted this in Naked Bits a long time ago, but I cannot find it. Late night host Conan O'Brien and The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun stripped down and made friends with other naked men at a Korean-style sauna before jumping into the cold tub, which looks about as unpleasant as it sounds. Then they had their flesh ripped off in a body scrub that actually turned Conan's skin a...

‘A Star Is Born’ actor Bradley Cooper got naked in his screen debut

In 2001 baby-faced Bradley Cooper visited a bude beach in Croatian, after which he swears he'll never wear clothes again.

‘Unique Business Opportunity’: Buy a New Zealand Naturist Park

If you’ve ever felt like owning a business where you can just let it all hang out, this might be the opportunity for you. A naturist park in Katikati, New Zealand, has recently gone on the market. The park, which is set on 14 acres of unspoiled countryside features exquisitely landscaped grounds, motel units, cabins, caravans, 51 powered campsites, and more than 20 tent sites. Other amenities incl...

It’s legal to be naked (anywhere) in Seattle

From KUOW: Nudity was made legal there in the case of Seattle v. Johnson. Yes, really Little known Seattle factoid: City law allows you to be nude anywhere, any time. Not, however, if you flaunt it and make others uncomfortable. (Flashers, be warned.) Despite this free range law, nudists stick to pockets of the city where others openly express their nudity. One recent warm afternoon, about a dozen...

Utah school dismisses art teacher for showing art with nudity

Teachers shouldn't be punished for educating kids about non-sexual nudity. — ATTN: (@attn) January 10, 2018 Some of the art seen by the students which, by the way, was from the school library:

Walking naked in public

So who was hurt by this?